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Who the flux are we

FLUX Digital Studios is a full-service digital agency based in Orange, NJ with an emphasis on Custom Divi WordPress Design. We have a passion for all things creative and would love to put our talents to work for you and help bring your ideas together. We provide more than just a website. We give you a complete web business solution. Our aim is to provide you with a solution that not only addresses your business needs but, allows you to spend more time running your business the way you want. If there are areas of your business that having a better web solution will fix, FLUX Digital Studios can get the job done.

What Fuels Us?


Whether it’s custom Divi WordPress design, visual design or 3D…We absolutely love designing things. Let’s work together so that we can use our passion to make your ideas a reality.


Creativity goes hand in hand with design. It’s one thing to put a design together. It’s another thing to push the limits of creativity make something truly amazing.


Tons of coffee gets us through a day or night of creativity and design. We probably consume more coffee than humanly possible but, it keeps us going to do the things we love for you.

Bringing Your Ideas Together

We Work With You To Go From Concept…To Reality


Custom WordPress Design

Custom designed web solution that will make you stand out from the competition.

Ecommerce Solutions

Expand your sales reach beyond your local market by selling online.

Digital Marketing

Engage with your customers like never before with our digital marketing solutions.

Website Maintenance

Never have to worry about your site. We’ve got you covered.

Website Hosting

We’ll host your site and make sure that you stay up and running.


Get found by more potential customers with our SEO solutions.

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